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Create Your Future

From your heart

Are you on a tipping point in your life?

Do you want to know what your hearts desire is?

Do you like to make this visible in a nice and creative way?

Do you want to know how to get a clear view of your hearts desires?

Are you ready to follow your heart? 

What is this workshop about?

During the workshop you will start with your heart’s desire and create your future from there. By drawing, in a mandala. You will visualize, create and interpret your heart’s desire. You will dream, draw and express what is in your heart and what you would most like to do and be in your life.


Creating your heart’s desire is best if you are completely relaxt. You will give full attention to yourself and your breathing. From that point you can create your real desires. I will give you a powerful visualization exercise, which you can use to clarify your heart’s desire and to create your future. Your adventure will start from here.


After the powerful visualization you will start drawing your future mandala. I have consciously chosen this form of work, because it can give you structure, because the mandala is a reflection of the soul and can serve as your ‘binoculars’, your image of the future. And this form is a ‘safe’ form and the ‘keeper of essence’.


After you have drawn your beautiful future mandala, you may send it to JorInspiration with your explanation. If you like she can look into it and send you some personal notes on your drawing. You will also receive a workbook with questions so you can interpret your mandala. It is wonderful to see what you are able to create.

Your investment for this workshop is € 55. The workshop will be online and you can attend it whenever you want and wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection and a computer.

mandala as a tool

Drawing a mandala is a powerful tool to get more clarity about what you want. The word Mandala is a sacred circle and symbolizes the complete, the keeper of essence. Originally, the mandala of colored sand is made by Buddhist monks. Sometimes they are working on it for days. The mandala is not only Buddhist, but is of all times and cultures. You automatically return to your own silence center and can create from there. By drawing mandalas you create peace in yourself. Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung discovered that people who were in an important process of change often made drawings that gave them more grip and that could express what was deeply present in them. I combine drawing mandalas with focus on the future. I invite you to reflect on your heart’s desire and visualize your future in a creative way.

 Mirror of the soul

When you are drawing, it is unconsciously for 95%. No matter how rational you think you are, in fact something very different happens during drawing. When you draw a mandala you will draw what is present within your. Your unconscious, your true self, your soul, guides you and holds you a mirror of what you want (unconsciously). It is a wonderful method to show yourself what you have in you and where you want to go, while you are present in the here-and-now during drawing. What you draw is always good, you cannot make any mistakes. Just focus on your heart’s desire, your ambitions, your future. When you use the mandala as a tool, you will have a wonderful drawing. You will be surprised. I will explain to you how to draw so drawing experience is not necessary. And afterwards you will receive the workbook to learn how to interpret your creation.

Others were ahead of you

I have been giving the workshops since 2010 and it is incredibly beautiful to get a glimps in people’s souls. It is very special to see what people are drawing, what is really present in their hearts, what may come out, what may be shown, what may be lived. I am so grateful that I do this work. Below you can see a small impression of the live workshops I gave. I hope you enjoy the online workshop!

At the end of

the workshop

You know what you want to do in life from your heart and soul;

You know what it takes to make your heart desires come true;

You know more about mandalas and their meaning;

You know how to focus more on what you want by drawing;

You know more about chakras, colors and meaning;

You know more about meditation and visualization;

You know how to keep more of yourself;

You have experienced how you can create from intuition;

You have experienced the pleasure and tranquility of creating;

You always have your vision of the future at hand;

You have a tool to you follow your heart for the rest of your life.

Your heart’s desire

in a mandala

An investment in yourself An unique offer

Your investment for this workshop is € 55. The workshop will be online and you can attend it whenever you want and wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection and a computer.

What other participants say about the workshop
“I express my feelings hardly (my heart is closed), I wanted to change this by first entrusting my feelings to the paper (blue pencils from the heart) and then slowly trusting some people (the mouths concern talking and are connected to the heart via the pencils) and expand it. On the outside I show all emotions as they happen and that’s why everything flows. The energy radiates both inside and out. “

“In the tree there are still more fruits, namely notes and clovers for luck. In the next circle I have drawn bustling sources next to the tribe. It is my own source, but it also means that people come to me to recharge and of course it also symbolizes the hot springs in Budapest :-). In the same circle there is also a notebook and a mouth which means that I come out with ‘something’, to share with other people. The last circle are males (actually females, because what I will do will mostly be directed towards women), who are connected and give each other a hand. What has been drawn above their heads means that they are protected.”

“My wishes and visions of the future are represented in the symbols of the key, paths, hearts, water, musical notes and eyes. The key to me is the answer to the search for new paths in my life. Currently I am very consciously engaged in finding a job that is close to my heart. The paths also indicate the possible roads. I always want to give love and is a big part of my life, so the hearts come back in multiple rings. For myself I wish for a new beautiful relationship, the pink hearts and the green houses are a representation of that. The eyes stand for “the real seeing of the other”, and as a participant gave as feedback “also seeing yourself”. The water (outer triangles in light blue) represent movement and connection. For me, the musical notes represent joy, (salsa) music and dance; the music in life but also the practice of my passion: dance. The rose in the center of the mandala is a symbol for myself; I know that I am a late bloomer and I like to bloom to the flower that always touches me by her artistic beauty! 🙂 “

“I have felt a clear direction again and I notice that I am on the right track. That is fun and nice to experience. You really have a lot to offer regarding the interpretation of the mandala, a really welcome addition!”

“Awareness of the manifestation of your subconscious and how important it is to let go of the manifestation. Thank you!!!!”

“I liked doing it and drawing it in this way was very nice.”

“The workshop Create your Future has given me insight, peace and overview.”

“I thought it was a great workshop, I feel satisfied and I find my drawing and certainly those of those others surprising.”

“This workshop brings you peace and inner insight. Practically oriented and doing the fun ingredients. The enthusiasm and inspiration of Jorinde gives all this a great experience! Thanks!”

“I enjoyed the workshop. It was much more fun than expected “

“A very nice workshop and great how you use the mandala as a means to invite people to reflect on their future. It is accessible, fun and enjoyable. As a participant this invites me, because sometimes thinking about the future is difficult. “

“As an entrepreneur, I am always busy like many. This workshop gave me the rest once again to ground. The workshop gave me direction to put my ideas and plans on paper and to remind me of this. “

Several participants

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Create from your heart

Do you want to know what your heart’s desire is? Do you want to make this visible in a fun and creative way? Do you want to learn how to make your heart’s desire clear forever? Are you ready to follow your heart? Then use this unique offer from € 55. Register now for the Workshop Create Your Future and follow your heart from now on. You will be directed to the registration page. 

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