It is a crazy world nowadays! I hardly know what to do about it. It has to stop! Not only one big tragedy, but all the hatred, wars, suffering, misuse of power, misunderstanding, greed and other bad things… It starts with ourselves, when we stop being unkind to ourselves, we will stop being unkind to others… We need to love ourselves first, otherwise we still will blame others (and this is how wars start). So please be kind, to yourself, love yourself, do some research in yourself on the things that you do not like and try to forgive yourself for the things you think you do wrong, so we can let the light swallow the darkness in this world…

Feel free to share this message. It is a call for love. And if someone is very bad to you, please forgive and do what you can do in your heart to change the situation, do not wait for the other to change. And do not be scared… We are not made to live in fear!

A call for love

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